Dental Restoration Options

Modern dentistry has opened the door to a variety of restoration options. If you are missing teeth or are looking to enhance a damaged dentition, Chabot Dental wants to help you understand the various advantages and limitations of different smile restoration procedures. When visiting our Castro Valley dental office, keep the following in mind:

Dental Crowns: The length of time your restoration lasts is a significant factor when deciding on the right type of treatment for you. When looking to maintain the natural structure of your teeth, dental crowns can last from five years, to 20 years, depending on your hygiene routine, diet, the material used to make the crown, and other factors. Golden crowns, though less aesthetic, have been known to last as long as 30 years.

The price of crowns varies by material, as well as on the size and placement of the tooth that is being capped. Traditional metal crowns are the least expensive, but do not provide the cosmetic appeal that porcelain-fused-to-metal and full-porcelain crowns do. However, many patients feel that upholding a smile’s natural look is worth the extra cost.

Bridges: Dental bridges don’t last as long as crowns, but can replace teeth that are no longer salvageable. The same factors that affect the longevity of crowns will affect dental bridges. Because the prosthetic tooth, called the pontic, is held in place by crowns placed over the neighboring teeth, patients can expect to need replacements every five to seven years.

Dental bridges have a lower up-front cost than other dental restorations, however, as bridges do not support the structure of the jaw, this can lead to higher costs in the long run. Along with having to be replaced as the pontic or the abutting crowns experience regular wear, patients may find themselves in need of bone grafting treatments to support deteriorating jaw bone. 

Dental Implants: Implants are the longest lasting restoration, fusing to the jawbone and providing much needed bone stimulation. Unlike other restorations, successful implants never need to be replace. While the crown that tops the implant may chip or crack, these can be easily remade and placed back over the implant. With a greater initial cost, patients receiving dental implants find that the overall effect on their wallet is lessened.

Dental implants themselves can last a lifetime if properly cared for. Patients also regularly find that the long-term benefits to the shape of their smile and the balance of their bite reduce costs by avoiding temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD) and the cost of its corresponding treatment.

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When it comes to effectively and affordably maintaining your smile’s appeal, prevention is always the best policy. However, should you experience a lapse in dental health and require restorative treatment, Dr. Larry Tabor offers comprehensive care for patients throughout Castro Valley, San Leandro, and Hayword. Contact us today to schedule your restoration consultation!

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